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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What sheeting options are offered?

For our flashing signs, we offer standard Engineer Grade reflective sheeting as well as diamond grade sheeting, which has a higher reflectivity. For signs such as crosswalks and school crossing, we also offer Fluorescent Yellow/Green which comes in diamond grade and is brighter in color than the standard yellow sheeting.

For our regular MUTCD signs, we offer Non-Reflective, Engineer Grade, High Intensity Prismatic and Diamond Grade signs, which are in order from least reflective, to most reflective.

Q. What is the upgraded battery option for the flashing signs?

Our standard battery and solar panel is a 5W/12V Solar Panel and a 7.4V/4400mAH Battery. This is great for places that get consistent sun and don’t receive lots of harsh weather.

The upgraded option that is offered includes a larger solar panel at 8W/12V and a larger battery at 7.4V/6600mAH, which is ideal for places that see long winters and/or periods of time without consistent sun as it provides a larger charge.

We also offer a Timer option which automatically comes with the upgraded battery and allows you to pick and choose the times of day that the sign is flashing.

Q. How will a radar speed sign decrease speeding?

We offer a multitude of radar speed signs that will increase safety in areas pertaining to high speed violations. The radar speed sign actively tracks speeds and provides statistical data when enabled with Bluetooth and/or Cloud data. These features are the top reasons to purchase a Radar Speed Sign as it allows you to analyze data of the area that the sign is placed and whether or not further measures need to be taken at specific times of the day.

Q. What does MUTCD stand for and are the signs standard for my area?

MUTCD stands for Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. They set the standard for quality traffic signs and where they are placed. All of our signs are up to MUTCD standards; however, the placement of each sign is also based on the jurisdiction and/or municipality so we suggest confirming with your local administrations to make sure the sign you are purchasing is appropriate for the area you are placing it.

Q. What comes with the Flashing signs?

With one of our flashing signs, will receive, the sign, the necessary mounting hardware, a junction ox including the battery, motherboard and connecting cables for an AC Powered unit, and if Solar operation is chosen, a solar panel will also be included.

Q. Can any Custom sign be created?

We can create any design on a sign with verbiage and/or pictures. In terms of coloring, we have the ability to do all standard colors, such as yellow, red, white, fluorescent yellow-green and orange. If the request is for a different color, the lead time may be longer and there may be an extra fee. Typically, flashing custom signs take between 4-6 weeks to produce and standard custom signs can take anywhere from a 1-5 weeks depending on if the sign blank is in stock. Before the sign is purchased and shipped our team will create a mockup design to ensure the design is exactly how it is expected prior to manufacturing.